New look and focus is launched!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

You know there’s a saying says that the plumber’s house is the one has the most leaks.

My website and blog of them very much like that.

So I’ve  spent some time updating my website.  This way if you’re interested, you can state up-to-date.

I’ve been busy with a number of projects for other clients have carved out some time to redesign my website and refocus it it more of a blog format.

I want to make the progress and development of imaginary studios, more conversational and interactive.

along with a new look, I am tweaking the focus of  Imaginari Studious

I’ve primarily have been a service provider in the areas of animation, video production and visual effects, but I’m having a lot more requests from various clients to developing media strategies that effectively address the various media outlets that are available today.

I find this work fun and exciting and interesting new avenue for business.

I’m also getting ready to launch two new exciting products over the next year.  And I’ll be chronicling the development of its products on its website.

  1. Jacquelyn says:


    Love the format, content and colors! Very impressive, as usual:)


  2. Laurita says:

    Lovin’ the website! Me encanta. Keep up the good work & many blessings – Laura its Diener again

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