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Phone: 828-713-4321

  • I am an award winning film, television and web producer/director/content creator. I specialize in creating  innovative and inspiring stories.
  • I combine the power of  visual effects and editing technologies with time tested principles of storytelling.
  • I am a collaborative media visionary who loves to lead and empower teams to produce stunning media, on time and on budget.
  • I love to create a focused, relaxed, efficient and highly creative work atmosphere.
  • My 20+ years of experience give me a deep well of applied creativity and practical know-how to draw from, in any production situation.

I have a wide and wonderful network of talented professionals to draw from, if needed, to produce any scope of production.

For more details on my experience and capabilities, please click on the link below for my resume and go to the portfolio section of this site.

David S Miller:

Production Resume 2010

Teaching Resume 2010